Villa Wedding on the French Riviera

Tanya & John’s wedding was nothing short of extraordinary! I am happy to share some pictures of their wedding with you. 

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Guide To Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

A guide to choosing your bridal bouquet

When it comes to choosing their bouquet – brides either know exactly what they want, or they have no idea where to start. If you fall into the second category – don’t panic! I’ve got you! Here is a guide to how to choose your bridal bouquet. 

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French Chateau Wedding in Provence

There are many misconceptions about Chateau weddings in France, such as for example that having a castle wedding costs a fortune, or that you can’t have small weddings in big Chateau’s because they’re too grand, and even that beautiful castles can only be found around Paris and in the South West of France. All false! 

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Five Things Nobody Tells You About Outdoor Receptions

Admit it! Even before you start thinking about how many people you’ll invite or even where the wedding will take place – you want your summer wedding to be outdoors. As a French Riviera wedding planner – I get this request all the time: “We want the reception to be outside!”

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