Guide To Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

Guide To Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

A guide to choosing your bridal bouquet

When it comes to choosing their bouquet – brides either know exactly what they want, or they have no idea where to start. If you fall into the second category – don’t panic! I’ve got you! Here is a guide to how to choose your bridal bouquet. 

Going on Pinterest and typing in “bridal bouquet ideas” seems overwhelming. So many shapes, colors, trends and finally…flowers! You’ve got to start somewhere, so start with the most obvious question. 

  1. What are your favorite flowers?

Being a wedding planner on the French Riviera, I am very lucky to have endless choice on seasonal flowers, so my first flower discussion with the bride starts with this: “What are your favorite flowers?” This is easy, because every girl has at least one. The kind you like to receive from your partner on Valentine’s Day, the ones you pick when you stop by the flower market, the ones that catch your eye scrolling down on social media and maybe even those that are meaningful to you, that have a story behind.

  1. Are they in season for when your wedding is? 

I cannot tell how many brides I had who loved peonies but were getting married end of August. If they’re not is season – don’t be discouraged, you can either order them in from abroad, or there are plenty of seasonal alternatives! The beauty of the flower kingdom is that there are countless species and shades and you will definitely find one that will have the vibe that you envision. For example, for my peonies loving bride getting married in August – I always suggest David Austin roses – and they are always blown away by the result. 

  1. Should my bouquet be in the same colors as the centerpieces?

Absolutely not! I can tell you even more – your wedding bouquet can and should be anything you want! Think of your bouquet as a statement piece at your wedding – it should be the reflection of you as the bride, you as the woman, you as the incredible self that you are. If you want to have a colorful reception with lots of colors, but you feel that you want an all-white bouquet – then this is what you need to do. After all, our personalities do not come in one shade. 

  1. Should I take into consideration my wedding dress? 

Absolutely yes! If you have a very classical and royal kind of dress like Kate Middleton had, then a wild branched bouquet would look rather odd. There are also dresses that are completely “sufficient” on their own – with a lot of lace and beautiful elements, that are the opposite of “simple”. In this case, a bouquet too big would be too much to add on top of it, so rather go for a smaller and lighter bouquet. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to personalize your bouquet!

As previously said – your bouquet is a true statement of your personality. Don’t be afraid to personalize it. You can add a broche, beautiful long ribbons, a small picture of a dear person who wasn’t able to be there, or attach to it something old, new, borrowed or blue! 

  1. When in doubt – keep it classic…

If all of this is just too much to wrap your head around, then you can’t go wrong with a simple and classic bouquet. Don’t worry about the shape or what the trends scream this year – just go with one color and one type of flower. A beautiful bouquet of all white roses or pink peonies are timeless and always a winner! 

Here are some more bouquets of my brides… I’m absolutely in love with every single one of them! May they inspire and help you figure out the perfect bouquet for your wedding. And please please please, don’t forget to have fun in the process!

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